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RTP Safety Plan April 9, 2021

Lake Stevens Soccer Club

Return to Play

Safety Plan

*Updated plan for Fall Soccer 2021 will be posted in July*

The following expectations are based on requirements from US Soccer, Washington State Youth Soccer, Washington State and the CDC.  By completing registration for Spring Soccer 2021 parents are agreeing to the below plan as outlined by the Lake Stevens Soccer Board, and committing to assist the club in it’s execution.  Players are expected to understand the requirements and do their very best at following the “Players” plan.

As rules/guidance changes from the invested parties, so too will this Return to Play.  Updates will be communicated to coaches and parents as required.


If a player has tested positive for Covid 19 or is exposed to someone who has tested positive, immediately notify the LSSC Covid Contact Representative:

Christopher Grace

Ph: 425.344.3402

[email protected]




·       Wear a face mask at all times and observe social distancing whenever possible

·         Track Attendance of each player at training and games

·         Enquire with each player at the start of each practice or game that they feel well & are not exhibiting the following symptoms:

o   coughing,

o   shortness of breath

o   Loss of taste

o   Fever or chills

o   Sort throat

o   Congestion or runny nose

o   Nausea/sick feeling


·         Players should be spaced out at least 6 feet for team meetings and instructions

·         Pickup all equipment after practice/game, do not ask players for assistance

·         Use of pennies is not allowed during practices

·         If a player exhibits any sign of illness, quickly remove them from the field of play, let them collect their equipment and bring them to their parent.


·         Ensure before leaving for practice/games, your player is healthy; they have no symptoms of illness.

·         Limit & avoid carpooling with anyone outside the household except where absolutely necessary

·         Ensure players wear masks to & from the car/field

·         During practices stay in vehicles/parking lot

·         Abide by other soccer club/facility guidelines during games


·         Wear a face mask at all times, including to and from your vehicle, and during each practice

·         Bring your own equipment (water bottle, ball, hand sanitizer) in your own bag and place at least 6 ft away from other equipment

·         Do not share water bottles or hand sanitizer with other players/coaches

·         Observe social distancing when not practicing, and refrain from High-fiving, shaking hands, hugging, etc..



Training Outline


·         As players show up, coaches shall perform a verbal health check of the player

·         Teams must wait until the previous teams have vacated the field before entering.

·         All players & coaches will wear a mask at all times

·         Social Distancing should be observed whenever possible

·         No training bibs used during practices, players are encouraged to bring a light and dark color shirt

·         Training equipment is to be placed and picked up by coaches only

·         Scrimmages shall be limited to intra-squad only.

·         Parents can drop off their player with their coach, but then are to return to the parking lot


Game Day Outline


·         Parents & Coaches shall wear a mask at all times

·         Players when not on the field of play will be required to wear a mask

·         Teams must wait until the previous teams have vacated the field before entering.

·         As players show up, coaches shall perform a verbal health check of the player

·         Use of a closed tent is not allowed, open tents may be used

·         No postgame handshakes/fist-bumps

·         To limit the number of people present at a field, spectators will be limited to:

o   During Phase 3 two(2) members of the same household

o   During Phase 2 one (1) member of the same household

·         A coach/Asst. Coach will count as 1 spectator per the above outline.

·         Parents are to social distance while on the sideline, and where possible 10 feet from the sidelines.

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