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U9-U10 Coaching Resources

The skill list below is based on recommendations from the US Soccer Grass Roots program for player development at this age level. Help us add to this list of resources. If you find a video or activity online that works well for this age group please email [email protected].





Instructional Videos



The Future Game

Biomechanics of Kicking

Basic Shooting Technique


Shooting & Finishing


Pass & Receive

Receiving off the Front Foot

Push Pass

Passing and Movement

First Touch and Passing

Move to the Ball

Opening Up and Field Vision


Pass or Dribble?


How to Dribble

Dribbling and Moves 1

Dribbling and Moves 2

1V1 Training

Spread Out

How to Stop Bumblebee Soccer

Create Passing Options

Creating Space

Positioning and Movement

Creating Space

Create Space to Score

Creating Space and Playing Forward

Support the Attack

Lose your Mark

Attack as Quickly as Possible

Create a 2v1 or 1v1

2V1 Wall Pass

2V1 Overlap

The Take Over

Change the Point of Attack

Switching the Point of Attack

Learn How to Switch The Play

Switch the Point of Attack



Instructional Videos


Protect the Goal

The Magic of the Funnel

Lose Your Mark

Steal the Ball

1V1 Defending

Poke Tackle

Block Tackle

Make it Compact

Keep It Compact

Defend as Quickly as Possible

Pressure, Cover, Balance

How to Train Pressure, Cover, Balance

Outnumber the Opponent

Defending in Pairs 1

Defending in Pairs 2

Defending in Pairs 3

U9-U10 Coaching Techniques and Advice

17 Soccer Laws


Goal Kicks

Corner Kicks Corner Kicks 2

Direct Free Kick Defensive Wall InDirect Free Kick

Goalie Training Videos

Additional Online Resources: In addition to the training sessions and Player Guides there are many resources online for youth soccer coaches. Here's some great places to get started.

NCYSA Procedure & Rules of Competition for Recreational Play

FIFA Laws of the Game:

Age Appropriate Training Sessions

US Soccer Coaching Curriculum

US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

US Women's Youth National Team Program Technical Tests


SoccerHelp Dictionary

Positive Coaching Alliance

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